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General Consultations

Do you have property to lease, or cash to invest? Are you looking for a job in a Cannabis industry, or just need some basic information on Cannabis? Contact us today for a free initial consultation and see how we can help you find a niche in Cannabis.                      

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis was made available to Californians in 1996. Today, more than half the United States allow Cannabis for medical use. We can help with all aspects of medical Cannabis, whether you are a patient, caregiver or investor.

Adult-Use Cannabis

Most often referred to as recreational marijuana, the adult-use Cannabis industries are poised to be heavily regulated, taxed and licensed. We can help navigate the ins and outs of the processes needed to obtain permits and licenses to operate legally.

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A growing network since 1993

In 1993, I learned the human brain has receptors which work with Cannabis compounds. It's been my goal to see the end of the Prohibition on the Cannabis plant, ever since. I've compiled my 25 years in the Cannabis communities into one convenient hub. My network is at your fingertips.

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