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Medical Cannabis By State

A quick access page to all current medical Cannabis programs in the United States, dispensary locating services, clinics and doctors, etc. is in the works. If you click this link you will see all the state medical Cannabis programs linked, along with pertinent information regarding medical Cannabis.

How To Make Your Own Extracts

Herbal extracts are relatively simple to create, and with Cannabis now legal in more than half of the US for medical use, making your own is easier than ever. We've teamed up with the manufacturer of The Green Oil Machine to continue a holiday deal for $40 off. Use "XMAS40" at checkout and save!

Cannabis Oil Success Stories

A Facebook support Group with more than 142,000 members, Cannabis Oil Success Stories has helped tens of thousands of people from around the world find answers to their questions about the extract from Cannabis. Check out the Group on Facebook, or more than 140 success stories here online.

Cannabis Access Nearby

The current Administration in the US has got many up in arms and others wondering what is going to happen with US Cannabis policies. Until further notice, Cannabis is still available where legalized locally. To find Cannabis near you, just click here.

Cannabis By Name

Cannabis strains have been intentionally crossed and double crossed for decades by those seeking to create high-THC producing plants. You can get a wealth of information on most strains available around the world by visiting this website here

Full Spectrum CBD Extract

Full Spectrum CBD Extract, derived from the strain CHERRY, a certified hemp plant in Colorado. Provides 1800mg of CBD in a 1-oz dropper bottle along with other beneficial flower-based compounds. Click here to read reviews.

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